14 March 2020

Antenna tryout

I bought a nice Jetstream 1:1 current balun for my 40 meter dipole and I discovered I'd cut the wire too short.  So I am ordering more wire and going to extend the dipole to a 80 meter setup.  The balun works nicely though.  I am still working on getting the IC-718 set up with my Signalink.  I moved my ham shack computer back to Windows 10 and installed several programs from the N3FJP suite of amateur radio programs I'd registered quite some time ago.  All of that seems to be working,  My financial situation and physical health have not been well so I haven't been doing too much with amateur radio but things will hopefully get better soon on both sides.


So I have found that there is some sort of new RFI bleeding into my receive signal.  I'm not sure what it is exactly but it sounds like ...