23 September 2014

Cleaning up the log...

I moved my ham radio activity from a desktop computer to my little but useful Gateway LT31 netbook.  In the midst of doing this, I discovered much to my dismay that my paper log and computer log were missing hundreds of calls I'd thought I'd recorded.  Thankfully, many of them are on my QRZ logbook but until I can afford to get a subscription, I can't download the ADI file from there.  So it looks like it's going to be a very long reconciliation process between the paper log and XMLog, the logging software I decided to use because it's very simple.  Hopefully I can keep everything straight from now on.

21 September 2014

When you just gotta chase DX...

So I decided to chance the rain and set up my station out on the back porch.  Worked W1AW/1 in Connecticut, OK2RZ in the Czech Republic, and KP4OUH in Puerto Rico.  Rain-soaked ground is great for an earth ground but lousy to try to operate in.  I took a movie with my digital camera (Apple QuickTime is required to watch) that I thought you might enjoy. I've uploaded it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

It figures that I start working some good DX with very little QRM on my signal and it starts to pour...

20 September 2014

More on the antenna supports...

I am working on building supports for the two poles out of a 2x4 tomorrow.  I'm hoping that I will have the supports finished by tomorrow afternoon and be able to have some pictures to post.  Oh, yes, and be able to work some DX too!  I just discovered I can't find my beloved G5RV Junior.  I am not sure where it's at.  I know I have it though.  I guess I'll have to build another one when I can afford some more wire.

Been looking at getting an ICOM IC-7200 someday.  That looks like it'd be a fun radio to take out into the woods to operate.  I also like that you can plug it directly into a computer to control it, no special cable needed.  Speaking of computer, I found my Gateway LT31 netbook today and am installing a fresh install of 64-bit Windows 7 Professional on it.  Can't wait to get it done.  It'll be nice to have a small computer to take with me when I operate portable.  I'll probably keep it in the shack too.  It'll save precious room in my tiny shack.

18 September 2014

A little further

Last night, I went and bought the rest of the parts I need to finish up everything but the bases for the poles: a cap and eyehook for the top of the second pole (to attach the antenna) and eight eyehooks to screw into each pole for guying.  The bases can hold the poles just fine but guying will make them a lot more stable and safe if I'm going to be using them for more than an hour or two.

17 September 2014

Building a new antenna system

Now that I know I can setup my radio on the back porch, I'm working on setting up a new support system.  I was given eight fiberglass poles (think surplus military antenna poles).  I have to put a "top" on one of the poles so I can hang the dipole from both sets of poles and build a support base for each set, but when I'm done, the poles will be high enough for me not only to put my 20 meter dipole up but I will also be able to put up my beloved G5RV Junior dipole.  I'm pretty happy about this and for an investment of under $20, not bad for doing what I want to do.

Here's a picture of the G5RV Junior installed at my former residence.  It was about 50' or so in the air.  With the antenna support system I'm working on now, it'll be around 35' in the air.

I've discovered over the years I really enjoy building wire antennas and finding creative ways to get my signal out, to include loading a gutter system on a former apartment building I lived in.

I'll have more information about the antenna system as time goes on and hopefully a few pictures too.


I completely forgot about this blog.  I guess I'll start using it again.


So I have found that there is some sort of new RFI bleeding into my receive signal.  I'm not sure what it is exactly but it sounds like ...