14 July 2020

New blog!

To celebrate my new callsign and give me additional functionality with my blog, I have registered ks4td.com and set up a WordPress blog.  Please visit my new blog as I will no longer be updating this one.

10 July 2020


I checked my email this morning and my new amateur radio license was waiting for me.  I am now KS4TD.  After 23 years, I decided to change my callsign since I have lived in 4 land for close to 20 years now.  So I am beginning the process of changing everything over ... and there is a lot to do.  The FCC public database is lagging behind so if you look up my new call right now, it will show that it's expired from a ham (former ham) in Columbia, TN.  I'll start to use my new call immediately.  Yes, those are my initials ... STD.  Yes, haha, I get the joke but remember when I was born, those initials didn't have a negative stigma attached to them.  But still, I'm proud of my name, so my callsign is mine.  Now I won't confuse people by being a 5 call in 4 land either.

09 July 2020


I have been receiving a lot of QSL requests for contacts I made in contests or in weekly nets, especially via eQSL.  I do not count contacts made during contests or nets as part of my normal contact log so please do not send me confirmation requests for those types of contacts.  If, during a contest, we're in a QSO, please ask me to do a separate contact for your purpose (DXCC, grid square, et cetera) and I will be happy to do that and log it.

03 July 2020

Week of contests

So, after Field Day, I've participated in the RAC Canada Day contest (my first time; enjoyed it; adding it to my calendar) and am now in with the 13 Colonies contest which is going well.  I've worked 11 out of the 13 stations and the bonus WM3PEN station ... now to work VA and NJ then try to grab the GB13COL (in England) bonus station ... another clean sweep!  I've participated in the 13 Colonies contest since it started twelve years ago off and on and, save for the boorish behavior of way too many contest participants, have had a lot of fun with it.


So I have found that there is some sort of new RFI bleeding into my receive signal.  I'm not sure what it is exactly but it sounds like ...