26 November 2020

Been busy

I haven't been active at all on the air lately.  I have been dealing with a lot of health and personal issues but I am hoping to work the ARRL Sweepstakes this weekend and SKYWARN Recognition Day on Friday/Saturday December 3/4 (owing to UTC time).  I've not done any work on the station lately and the antenna's support is bent ... I need to get up there and fix it but the weather is getting colder quickly and I am loathe to get up on the top of the shed but I guess I should do it soon.

I haven't sent out any QSL cards or such since I have no income right now and it doesn't look like I'll be able to do anything about it soon.  I am now permanently disabled and unemployable.  I have put in a Social Security claim but who knows when I'll actually hear back about it.  So I have just been keeping a low profile.  I may also be moving into an apartment soon and that will affect how I operate also.  I may wind up pressing my MFJ Apartment Antenna back into service.  It's nothing like my current antenna setup but it will do until other arrangements can be made.

I'd like to get an ICOM IC-7100 one of these days and connect to it via the Internet to my parents' house where I could have access to my current antenna setup which is a myantennas.com 80-6M EFHW antenna up about 60'.  That's not perfect either but at least I'd not have to worry about putting an antenna out my back window every time I wanted to operate.  I do have my ICOM IC-718 and my Buddipole Deluxe antenna that I could use to operate out in the woods also.  Lots of ideas.

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