06 January 2021

Got the 706 set up

I set up my ICOM IC-706MKII in the old motorhome I live in currently.  So far, it's working nicely on HF.

I am waiting for a warmer day to put a 2 meter mobile antenna on the roof of the motorhome.  I need to find my USB CI-V control cable for the 706 and bring in my Signalink USB to set up in here.  I do have a Signalink SL-1+ "around here somewhere" that I should set up for the shack.  I'm also setting up all of my favorite software on my laptop for ham radio.

It will be nice to operate from a warm place instead of the cold shack (it's currently not heated) and if I get tired, I can go lay down without having to walk from the shack in my shed to my motorhome. 

I ordered a new knock-off microphone for the 706 as the original mic isn't working as well as it should.  The new mic should be here this Saturday.  Looking forward to it.

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