16 March 2021

Busy busy

I have not been on the air very much lately.  I have been busy with a lot of other things but I am going to try to get on the air and work some DX this weekend.  I need to get up on my shed and fix my HF antenna.  I bent the aluminum conduit that the antenna is mounted on by cranking down too hard on its support line and not putting a countersupport line on the other side.  Saturday it's supposed to be sunny and 57F (14C).  If I am feeling up to it, I'm going to try to get that done.

I have several other radio-related projects I want to get to if I can.  I need to shorten both my HF and 2 meter antennas' coax cables to fit my shack.  They're both too long and I think that might be causing problem with RFI I'm having in the shack.  I also have found a public domain bearing calculator from the early 90s written in Turbo Pascal that I'd like to update and colorize then release for DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Linux.  It might be something worthwhile for operators who don't always want to use GUI programs.

Another long-shelved project is my text-based casual logging program I have had an idea for.  I found some code I'd started to work on quite a while ago which is a very basic shell of a program.  The program itself is nothing fancy though I will eventually add the ability to import and export ADIF 2.0 files.

So there's lots of stuff to do.  I just have to get organized (and feel well enough) to work on it all.

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