20 March 2021

New headphones

I decided to splurge with this stimulus and bought myself a Heil Sound Pro Micro dual side headset.  It was $120 after tax with free shipping so not a bad deal.  I really need a better headset and mic to work DX with and for the price, I'm looking forward to much better listening and clearer audio output.  This headset has a microphone element designed to work with ICOM radios.  My dad gave me a footswitch so now I will me able to operate with both hands free.  I really like that; it will make it less stressful for me when I participate in contests, especially Field Day.  With an additional adapter, I can use this headset with m IC-706MKII which makes me happy as I will be able to get outdoors and operate.

I also renewed my ARRL membership.  The ARRL has helped me out in many ways even when I was not a member so I am glad I was able to renew.  I do use the outbound bureau and stuff.

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